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What is

Turiya Shaktipat?

It is a rare gift that triggers a profound shift

in your consciousness as well as in your energetic field

and it awakens the divine that is already in you!

It is the rarest and at the same time the most effective means for spiritual awakening,

able to wipe out the separation from you and your divine nature.

  • Turīya is a sanskrit term and it literally means "the fourth", to indicate a fourth state of consciousness, the Pure Consciousness, the background which underlies and at the same time transcends the 3 main states of consciousness (waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep). Ramana Maharshi, the greatest saint of the last century, used to say Turīya is "the state of wakeful sleep" where you experience the peacefulness of deep sleep in the waking state.

  • Shaktipat, Śaktipāta in sanskrit, is a term  composed of śakti which means "energy", "power", and pāta which means "to fall", "to descent" and therefore its literal meaning is "descent of the energy".

Turīya Shaktipat is precisely the descent of the energy of the Pure Consciousness itself.

It's the power of Grace, descending like an energetic transmission directly from the Divine Source,

with the sole intention of awakening the seeker to his/her natural state, to Turīya, removing any remaining doubts.

This energetic transmission is so powerful that it is able to bring, stabilize and integrate the realization of Turīya, or spiritual enlightenment, really fast (in some cases only one session is enough).

When the fruit is ripe, it falls. Sometimes it happens that the fruit is ripe, but still remains attached to the tree.
Here, Turīya Shaktipat helps give the tree enough of a shake so that the fruit can drop;

it’s a "small" push, but it's what makes all the difference!


This tool has existed for thousands of years and nowadays it’s spreading more and more

because evolution has become much faster than in the past.

Self-realization (or spiritual enlightenment) is facilitated and accelerated by Consciousness itself

through this type of Shaktipat in a direct, targeted, immediate way.

The time to wipe all out and let the Light shine

has finally arrived!

Ancora Turiya Shaktipat

FAQ's Answered

What are the practical effects of Turiya Shaktipat?

These are some of the effects:

  • Enjoyment of constant peace, satisfaction and bliss of your own natural state

  • Heart opening: exponential growth of empathy, compassion and love towards people, things and situations

  • Being able to spontaneously flow with life

  • Increase in quality of good thoughts

  • End of mental chatter and constant mental clarity

  • Releasing of thought and behavioral patterns, and emotional-energy blockages

  • Anxiety and fear removal

  • Karma removal

  • Purification of all chakras

  • Permanent realization of Turīya, your natural state, also called Self Realizaton

  • And many more

How long is a session in which Turiya Shaktipat is transmitted?

Usually a session lasts 60 minutes on average, but it depends on the person and on the moment.

In any case, the first part of the session is dedicated to questions and answers, and the last part ends with the energetic transmission of Turīya Shaktipat, which lasts about 15 minutes.

What do I have to do during Turiya Shaktipat?

You just have to sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax, as if you were getting a massage.

You don't necessarily have to believe that this can work, but the important thing is to be open, receptive, and allow Grace to take its course.

Once the energetic transmission is over, I recommend taking some time to sit quietly or to meditate.

Are there side effects?

No negative side effects of any kind have been reported.

The energetic transmission of Turīya Shaktipat is gentle and powerful at the same time, and the effects may differ from person to person: those who don’t experience anything during the energetic transmission, but see the effects after a few days; those who feel pressure and / or tingling in some parts of the body; those who hear celestial chants; those who see a white light coming down. And more…

How many Turiya Shaktipat do I need?

As already mentioned, even if we are the same thing, each of us has a nuance, a different energy footprint and mostly each person can be at a different point on the path.

So there is no single answer. For some, only one energetic transmission may be enough, for others it takes a little longer. There are plenty of factors that influence times and ways through which Divine Grace operates in a seeker, starting from karma.

But if you’ve come to know this tool and if you feel open / ready to go all the way, it’s really only a matter of very little time.


Usually first effects are seen after just 1 session.

How much time should I wait between a Turiya Shaktipat and the other?

The direct energy of Pure Consciousness works for many days, even on a subtle level, so it’s better to wait at least 7 days between one Shaktipat and the other.

What are the requirements to receive Turiya Shaktipat?

I am usually available to do sessions (in person or via web) with people who are at least 18 years old.

It’s mandatory not to have taken drugs, psychoactive or psychotropic substances in the last 6-12 months.

Furthermore it’s not recommended to receive this energetic transmission if you suffer from serious mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Otherwise there are no particular requirements to receive this type of Shaktipat, if not to have a sincere desire to "awaken" once for all and at the same time to surrender to Grace, to the energy of Pure Consciousness.

Is there any difference between receiving Turiya Shaktipat in person or via web?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Turīya Shaktipat is the energy of Pure Consciousness, and as such is always present, limitless, infinite, so there is no kind of barrier that can hinder it, not even time or space.

What sages have been telling us for thousands of years has even been shown by Science, that is that everything is energy and this energy is always available regardless of the physical distance or the use of a device such as a computer.

Do you also offer group transmissions?

Yes, I can transmit Turīya Shaktipat also to groups of people upon request.

Although the power is naturally lower compared to individual sessions, there are always great benefits, and mostly we cannot know in which ways the Grace will operate.

For more information you can contact me privately here.


A session with the energetic transmission of Shaktipat lasts around 60 minutes.

First, however, we need to have a free introductory session (20 minutes) so that we get to know each other and see if you are fit to receive Shaktipat or how else to proceed.

Sessions are held via Skype or Hangouts. Please make sure your audio and video are set correctly before the beginning of our session.

So if you feel in tune with me,

then I can definitely help you!


N.B. Sessions are held via Skype or Hangouts. Please make sure your audio and video are set correctly before the beginning of our session.

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