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Lawyer and father of 1

Ciao Tommaso, I am very enthusiastic about the 5 week journey together.

I learned some breathing and meditation techniques that are very useful for relaxing and finding an underlying serenity in my daily life.


As I proceed with the practice I feel more and more that I am able to calm my mind and experience more and more frequent moments of emptiness and absolute silence where everything flows harmoniously.

I am much more aware than before of the importance of bringing moments of silence into my life every day.


You have always been very clear in your teachings and have helped me to take the next step with a great sense of responsibility.

I highly recommend your course to all those who want to bring more awareness into their life, as well as greater peace and serenity.

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Ayurvedic practitioner

God loves me because, on this wonderful journey, He let me meet you... a wonderful soul. During our introductory meeting I immediately perceived the truth given by your direct experience. You appeared very clean, humble and prepared. (Your most beautiful sentence: "I am no saint").


Before starting the 5 weeks journey my mind raised a thousand doubts... but luckily I did not to listen to. The work was very rich in both theoretical and practical notions. The meetings were serious in the teachings but light at the same time. During the meditations together the feeling that stayed with me the most was of a deeper peace.


Practicing all the teachings, many dynamics have moved (tears, confusion, peace, euphoria, etc.) but seeing each other every week was really of great help. My mind calmed down more and more... the breathing techniques have been a blessing. In short, a really well structured work, with you I felt understood and not judged. I bring you in my heart.

I wish all people willing to begin a true and conscious journey to meet you because, even if you are not a saint, your energy and your gifts are wonderfully divine. At our last meeting you reminded me that it was not an end but a beginning. I feel it deeply.

Thank you for your teachings because they have really improved my evolution. Thank you.



Graphic designer, Master Reiki and mother of 1

I worked with Tommaso and I must say that my life has had a very intense and unexpected evolution. I came from different new age practices that I have always changed precisely because I could not make that "switch" that lead me to overcome all my limits and all my fears.

The anxiety that used to come out of me during the night improved to the point of disappearing; I learned to set boundaries with people around me, which was not so easy for me to do; the relationship with my daughter has improved dramatically, turning into a strong and shining bond.

In four months I began to finally perceive the bliss and love that so many describe, but so few manage to live in everyday life. With great naturalness I experienced the joy of daily living from which I often tried to escape. I learned to say Yes with Love, but above all to say No with the same Love. And to access that feeling of heart, of love for myself that I so much tried to reconstruct.

You have been sweet but firm in your teachings, and this has allowed me to always maintain a strong determination and constancy even during the days when I was having a hard time practicing. I believe that the techniques you teach are an effective medicine for all kinds of inner work. They work deeply and sweetly, I recommend them to everyone because they fit anyone. Both people who are experts in other energetic works and people who are beginners.

As they say? If it all starts with you, with your will power, everything comes and moves in the right way.

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Doctor and mother of 1

I could define my experience as an important step for the beginning of a personal and spiritual evolution that I had been looking for some years. Immediately after the first sessions I noticed that my way of seeing, feeling and living my days was changing.


I have noticed improvements in all areas of my life, but the most important one is about acceptance and respect for others.


Before, I couldn't manage my emotions and I used to regret my impulsive behaviors very often. Now my attitude has completely changed, the feeling is as if I had an expansion of my level of consciousness reaching more maturity and awareness. Nothing can destabilize me and make me lose control.


Tommaso was able to help me achieve these results through 2 characteristics: his empathy and his high level of preparation on the subjects we explored along the way.


All the people close to me have noticed my change and so I am advising many people to take this 5 weeks journey because I think it is a real instruction booklet for the recovery and maintenance of our physical and mental well-being. Thank you so much.




You get to a point where you feel the need to go deeper, to take a step further.


Looking for this person, I found Tommaso and he immediately resonated in my soul. He gave me very precious, simple yet powerful means that step by step are transforming me deeply.

If you are a spiritual seeker who has reached a point where you feel a bit lost or in any case mislaid in the ocean of stimuli of spiritual proposals, meeting Tommaso to check if you resonate with him, it is certainly an excellent idea.

I thank all the events (not accidental) that led me to him.



Computer scientist

I have always felt the need to seek, observe, understand. I started through knowledge, reading and researching by myself. I got stuck when all this required integration with feeling, with perception.


These are difficult times, there is a lack of humility and respect, and everything is roughly considered a fashion, so it is not easy to rely on a "right" guide. Consciousness led me to Tommaso. It was enough for me to feel ...and we started a journey together.


I feel esteem and gratitude for him. Despite the difficulties inherent in conveying concepts that the mind cannot understand, he was able to lead me to a new way of life.


To all seekers who have a real desire to grow and become more aware, I say that Tommaso is authentic and among the few to whom to entrust the role of mentor. Essential and priority thing: individual WILL. Nobody can do for us what belongs only to us. Tommaso's role is to clarify the direction to take and optimize the times.


I started taking the first steps towards integration with the feeling that I was missing so much. I enjoy the benefits and I know that's where I want to go. Thank you very much Tommaso.




My name is Alex and I started the 5 weeks journey with Tommaso to improve some psychological patterns that didn't allow me to express my potential both in the professional and personal fields.


Right from the start I found a very professional, very human, competent person, a guide always present and available to clarify doubts both on spiritual and daily issues. I felt from the beginning that I was starting to work with a very positive and energetically strong person.


Thanks to the meditative practices and the spiritual work I took with him, I noticed the weakening of my ego from the very first sessions and even the outside world was perceived as more positive as my inner self was. With the means he gave me great changes can be achieved both in mentality and inner well-being. Obviously it is necessary to work seriously and carry out the instructions which, in the long term, undoubtedly bear their fruits!


I am sure that for those who have already had some energetic experience in the spiritual field and want to find the right balance to advance in a conscious and decisive way, or for those who are at the beginning and want to discover the potential in themselves, Tommaso is the perfect person for get side by side.


The differences in terms of peace and serenity can be seen immediately, but as with all things it takes dedication and the desire to change. Your relationship with the inner and outer world will benefit. Highly recommended.

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The 5 weeks journey I took with Tommaso changed me profoundly.

I finally discovered some simple but very effective practices, able to calm the mind and bring awareness to what really matters: the present moment and its perfection.


For me today, meditating means having access to “daily bread”: not only it is essential, but I get energy and great pleasure from it. The results are incredible on several fronts: I am able to optimize the time I have more and more, because I have a higher level of concentration without an excessive waste of resources; I don't let myself be influenced by emotions and thoughts, mine and others; the anxiety that often characterizes the daily life of our Western civilization has disappeared.

I could go on and on and certainly it would not be enough to summarize the full range of benefits that can be obtained through these practices.


My invitation is to trust Tommaso, who is an extremely prepared and available guide, and who will surely help you express the divine which is in you.

Do not hesitate, if you feel the need, to begin this work: it is an opportunity to turn your life around.

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Pharmacist and mother of 2

The path to evolution is long and winding and I never thought of being ahead in my seeking. Indeed I confess that, doing it alone, I got lost.


I met Tommaso who proved to be extremely punctual and precise. Not at all biased and he does not promise easy achievements. He gave me authentic means to use and I am using them, every single day. I commit to find that happiness and bliss that I have already felt, albeit for a short time.


Right from the start, I found tranquility and serenity despite the fact that my working life became complicated when I begun the course, becoming very stressful. But nothing happens by chance and the "difficult" moment showed the great validity of this course! I have never lost my temper and I have faced every single problem with a serenity that, I confess, has never belonged to me. Fruit of divine grace.. I guess.


I recommend this "course" to everyone, even if it is not for anyone. But if you come looking for it, it means that it's your time: carpe diem, catch the moment!


Congratulations for what you do for all of us. Your dedication to others is fabulous!

Thanks Tommaso for your help.



Artista e madre di 3 figli

My practices were effective even before this journey with Tommaso, but the distrust of the mind always leads you to doubt. Would the time have been enough to drown the doubts in faith or was it necessary to work harder or to change something? I don't know. But I am sure that everything we do or that we meet in our path isn't there by coincidence.


So the work with Tommaso was profoundly precious, not free from resistance, but even the resistances that have have arisen are an evolution. On the other side I always had someone constantly present, firm and kind. I confess that I immediately integrated some practices, while others perhaps take time or have been less congenial to me: the technique of the 5 inner smiles, in particular, is not only a tool but a pleasant moment.

Tommaso not only teaches the practices and offers not only clarifications and knowledge, but he conveys this attitude of serene availability, the (inevitable) expression of a heart at peace, open to the divine.


I am happy and grateful for everything: in this gratitude the invitation to anyone who is walking the spiritual path like me and driven by an ardor in the chest, to work with Tommaso.

One last note: don't bombard him with questions, but know that he will answer all of them.




My experience with you Tommaso began because the calm and tranquility that I felt from your videos were something absolutely new for me (unlike those who offer you personal growth courses but fill you with brain-bending discussions about your life, perhaps spending hours talking about yourself when you don't even want to). And the simplicity of your messages was proof of that.

I was already used to meditation, but I wasn't constant because I didn't see any improvements...
But the tools (and objects) you provided me were truly a turning point for me.

The perseverance and determination in carrying out the practice is now there because I see that something has changed. I am able to be more calm and detached from what used to be automatic behavior.

I am satisfied and even if I am only at the beginning I have understood that there is nothing wrong with me. It is only the mind that must be calmed down. Thanks

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I had the opportunity to meet Tommaso through a dear friend and for me it was truly a MEETING. With respect, delicacy, competence and firmness, he guided me on a new journey, which I had craved for some time, but which I had not yet given space to.


As he often repeats, he teaches us the technique, the drop that breaks the rock that has to be powered every day, then the rest is up to each of us.

He is really good at structuring the meetings of the 5 weeks journey as small steps from which to learn knowledge, technique and experience from him. The way he relates to you is simple and humble, but you can perceive the greatness of his soul.


After that we begin to carry out the "task" he has given us, face to face with ourselves, and making room for Something bigger, who knocks on our door, we immediately perceive that... we did not want anything other than That…


Already in this short period of time I was able to orient my focus more often during the day and daily activities and, certainly together with the willpower to respect the vow I made with myself, I was able to experience moments of profound joy.



Educator and mother of 2

For some time I was looking for a person who could clarify certain doubts and orient me in the meditation practices that I had started, about a year earlier and entirely self-taught. I realized that alone I had managed to do a bit of the journey and I was happy about it, but I felt at a standstill. Confused and with a lot of doubts, I was the only interlocutor of my spiritual experiences. I feared the risk of singing it and playing it alone and I understood that the time had come to seek an external confrontation. After all, every training course, of any kind, requires the attitude of the student, his commitment, his willpower, but also the presence of good teaching. I told myself, why this reasoning should not apply to my new spiritual needs as well? So I started looking around and I found Tommaso.


I immediately felt him as a very practical person, which contradicted the stereotype I had, of a spirituality made up of great thoughts, but of little concreteness. I also found him very precise in his explanations, technical I would dare to say. With contributions that he also brought from different, more scientific fields. Another dismantled stereotype, of a spirituality that clashes with science. And I found him competent, with a competence built on texts, but above all on his direct experiences.


It has now been about a couple of months since the conclusion of my work with him and I must say that I am happy I chose to do it and to have invested time, energy and money in it. I feel more stable emotionally, more lucid in understanding what I feel and what happens to me. The moments of dissatisfaction, restlessness or sadness that happen to me are rarer, but even if they do, they slip away much faster. In general I feel more joyful, more intuitive, more present to myself, I am more easily aware of what I feel and experience, even of small details that I previously used to miss. And the meditations have definitely changed too: they are deeper, cleaner, quieter and sweeter.


I am also happy that Tommaso is giving the possibility of weekly group meetings to meditate. These meditations are always very intense for me and, in any case, they are precious moments of confrontation with him and the other participants. I made a decision long ago... that I wanted to be happy and that I could do something about it. It seems nonsense and trivial, but I believe that in my life, most of the time, I have not DONE something, but I have WAITED for something to happen. In this "doing something with it" there was certainly also Tommaso's help. 



Holistic Operator

Before the 5 weeks journey with Tommaso, I was facing a difficult period. I couldn't focus on my goals, I often got overwhelmed by anxiety and agitation, even for little things. I really felt the need to find a balance, to feel serene again and find constant tranquility.

At that moment I found Tommaso, his YouTube channel and later his website, and then I began the 5 weeks journey with him.


From there a lot of things have changed, for the better. The benefits have been plenty: more lucid and calm reactions to situations, even difficult ones; deep and peaceful sleep, and the absence of nightmares (previously often present); I learned to see the beauty of every situation, even the most critical ones because yes, there is a positive side in anything; I broke down behavioral walls, which kept me from releasing that radiance that I have always had, but hidden.


Thanks to Tommaso, and to his work, I found and pulled out the real me. More spontaneous, more outgoing, more cheerful, more positive and above all even happier.

Tommaso is a good guide, always available to solve any doubt and help you through difficulties.

Of course, you have to work hard, but I assure anyone who wants to undertake this journey, that it is possible. Being at ease with life, loving yourself, and finding inner balance is possible, the guide is there!




I waited a while to give my feedback because at the beginning my ego and the desire to have everything immediately obscured the benefits I was receiving from the 5 weeks journey together. But the benefits were there, and not even small ones. Perhaps most of the early benefits were not measurable because they concern the innner world and not the external one.

I have experienced moments of great connection with myself and with everything. I have experienced moments of great mental clarity and moments of total confusion. Confusion that I had inside before and that is now coming out. Certainly the 5 weeks journey has accelerated this process and now I am perfectly aware that this was exactly my wish.


I had the umpteenth proof of the benefits after having stopped practicing consistently and going back on the right lane shortly after, thanks to that call arrived at the right time from Tommaso: "Practice, practice, practice, there is no other way".


Tommaso has always proved to be super competent, available for any doubt and clarification, always willing to satisfy all my curiosities and doubts. It made me feel fully followed in this individual journey. I would wish every person I love to have this kind of experience.


I have been practicing for three months now, I do it regularly, sometimes I feel the need, sometimes I struggle to get started, but in the end I always thank for doing it. The amazing thing is that the effects of meditation are getting bigger and bigger as I continue with the practices and this is a further encouragement to continue.

My life is becoming more and more beautiful and full of important things to remember, not full of commitments as before, that after the day I already forgot what I had done on the same day.

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It was very useful for me to do the 5 weeks journey with Tommaso!

I came from a very strong experience of energy and just by seeing the videos of Tommaso I understood what was happening to me and so I could relax, therefore I thought of contacting him and it was the right choice.

I think it is essential to find guidance in such moments when you feel overwhelmed, unprepared and in trouble. The precision and richness of details of Tommaso's words in describing and 'explaining' is unique and fundamental in trying to grasp what is unknown.


Thanks to this work I have found answers to many questions and I have known numerous tools that are helping me a lot to channel all this energy, of which one is almost always not aware, and it is helping me to feel constantly recharged and often in contact with a bigger Universe. Thanks to meditation my thoughts are clearer, less crowded, my mind is clearer, already during the sessions I was able to understand the benefits that I could achieve.


Often you collect methods and researches that can lead to confusion and thanks to Tommaso I can say that I have put in order, I have cleaned up and I have chosen what is most useful for me. I was also able to overcome fear, relying on myself, having trust, faith ... because sometimes it is scary to feel good, even if it is what we deeply crave, but staying anchored to habits, even if harmful, can somehow make us feel safe. Now I am finally moving further and further away from all those anchors to be able to move forward, in clearer, unexplored seas ... and Tommaso's encouragement and guidance has been invaluable.


I'm trying to treasure all these tools on a daily basis, practicing them consistently, because that's what makes the difference. I am also living this whole journey with 'fun', without any weight or sense of 'I have to do', 'I have to meditate', 'I have to think' ... all of this is helping me stay in the flow of life and live now, today, with more joy, gratitude and fearlessness than what 'tomorrow' may or may not be.


For all these reasons I recommend this 5 weeks journey, because at any point in life you can give yourself the opportunity to see a new dawn and then start again stronger. Sometimes it can be tiring but I think it is closely linked to a process of "detoxification" to then get to one's true nature, certainly by removing overlapping layers and layers you risk colliding with various resistances, but then you reach a brighter and greater sense of everything and this is invaluable. Thank you.

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Pizza chef

My experience with Tommaso has been very positive, even before I started the 5 weeks journey with him.

I came from a difficult period, troubled by many questions and doubts that have always been with me throughout my life, when by coincidence (even if I don't believe in chance) I found his YouTube channel, and I realized that perhaps I was not alone in the world to see and feel things differently.


Already from his videos I understood that Tommaso was an intelligent, calm person, available to give concrete help for those who are seeking the right approach for their own spiritual journey. So I decided to immediately begin the journey he offered and I tried, with an open mind, to follow his instructions and to use the means he give you, which allowed me to calm my mind, and from there I started to see small but significant changes in my life.

Compared to before I feel less frustrated, I am more lucid in my studies and my job, as well as in sports, and slowly I notice that my social relationships are also changing.

Basically it's me who is changing, and everything that happens around me is a consequence of the work I am doing on myself. And I'm just at the beginning of my work!


I highly recommend beginning a journey with Tommaso to anyone who wants to change their present situation, or to those who feel lost on their spiritual path.

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I contacted Tommaso few months ago. Something inside me was moving with force. I tried in vain to find some answers on my own, but soon I realized that I couldn't (and didn't want to) do it by myself.


Tommaso has been the only person, so far, able to support me and help me in this 5 weeks journey that has just begun during which I unexpectedly experienced inner peace, joy, tranquility and serenity of a clear and fresh mind. I really needed it and I still need it, now more than before. I had completely forgotten what all this means.


The way Tommaso transferred information and practices to me, session after session, was surprising and enchanting, even more so to those like me who began with an empty luggage.

My journey has just begun, but I recommend and wish everyone to embark on their own journey and to reach, sooner or later, full awareness of what one really is.



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Office worker and mother of 2

Ciao Tommaso!! Oh thank God you wrote me!!

There is great news: I continue to apply the tools you taught me and they are giving me real benefits both on mind and body.


I was able to overcome obstacles that I never imagined.

Now I feel like a new and freer person.

I no longer feel the weight of certain things and this makes me feel much better, even in relationships with others!


I'm more serene in general. Obviously sometimes there are problems and there will be more because this is how life goes, but now I'm able to face them in a less anxious and more light-hearted way!



Alarm system technician and father of 1

I want to thank Tommaso from the bottom of my heart.

He gave me the means that brought me a long-lost serenity.


I was doing self-taught meditation which only gave me a momentary calm while now at the end of the course I can say that I feel much better and with constant serenity, so I certainly recommend this work to everyone.


Obviously there is a lot of work to do, but the results are there and it is really worth it.





Secretary and mother of 2

Tommaso's "meditative" 5 weeks journey is all to be experienced.

When it comes to meditation everyone has their own "vision" but Tommaso, with his calm ways and a clear and exhaustive exposition, directs us on a way to follow and discover in daily life, making meditation an essential "tool" that walk us throughout the day (and night).


In my experience, I have found that each meditation (and its "effects") is different from the others and this makes it very interesting indeed. Describing what happens in those moments is reductive and would fall into rationality, therefore not suited to the meditation that must be lived, since everyone receives their own experience and that is why it is necessary to try to understand, to know, to discover.


The friendly Tommaso, always available and welcoming, bestows answers, advices, suggestions and experience with Love and Kindness. 

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Entrepreneur and father of 2

First of all, thank you very much for your teachings, you were very clear and direct in the concepts you presented.


It took me a while to notice the first changes in my life, but the reason was because I wasn't giving 100% yet! Now that I'm committing myself I'm more peaceful and I have also noticed some episodes of synchronicity that have left me incredulous.


I probably needed some field experience to motivate me more. Now I'm curious to see later where I can get with the practices.


I will certainly recommend this work to other people like me who are looking for a stable inner balance to be happy every day.


Thank you very much again and I'd like to keep you updated.

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Entrepreneur and mother of 1

The sessions I had with Tommaso have been a unique experience that continues to work within me.
What was immediately evident was the deep inner peace, the clarity of what I had to do and the harmony of everything that surrounded me without judgment of external events.

All this in daily life has helped me in a concrete way, during a difficult period at work. Peace has eliminated fear, non-fear has made me focus on the goals, always aware of everything around me.
Clarity in actions without hesitation because self-confidence has increased along with the compassion that anyway I am a human being who is born to learn, but who evolves continuously.

A great help that was given to me, an evident, profound and never ending experience of the present moment.
Thank you



Entrepreneur and mother of 3

I've always been a nervous person, angry at everything and everyone and for me it had become normal.

However, those who were close to me, especially my partner, were not at ease, did not live well.


So I decided to jump in order to throw this anger behind me, even though I didn't have high expectations at all.

I heard about meditation and having no experience I thought it was something difficult, so I had quite some doubts.

But I had to change my mind because everything was very simple, practical, instantaneous from the beginning.


The funny thing is that whoever was next to me have noticed my changes before me!


Personally I can say that even after some months I am no longer hysterical and there is great balance and tranquility, a tranquility that I have never experienced in my life.
I notice a better, more relaxed approach to critical situations.
It is as if I had started breathing again, after having spent my entire life in apnea.


I had no great interest nor desire to engage in this kind of work, but I was spurred on.

So I recommend to anyone who already has an interest, to take this opportunity straight away.

For those who are not particularly interested, I recommend trying because great changes will occur and the benefits that can be experienced right away are plenty.

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Office worker

I followed Tommaso for a few months before contacting him for the introductory meeting. I did it when I felt ready, convinced by his seriousness and his very practical and direct approach.
Tommaso does not promise easy shortcuts, he makes it clear right away that everything depends mainly on you, on your determination and willpower. Excuses are only excuses, complaints and postponements are useless: as he told me and reminded me during our journey, it is only the practice that can help you. If you keep doing what you've always done, nothing will change.



In this 5 weeks journey, Tommaso is an important guide, he offers to those who work with him all his knowledge and experience of meditation practices, mantras and ritual chants, breathing exercises and exercises for the body, nutrition advice that all combined allow you to concretely experience benefits such as a calmer mind, an organism that cleans itself of mental and physical toxins, a greater flow of energy and love.

During my journey, in the very early stages, I made a choice that apparently might seem in contrast with the commitment I took with Tommaso: I started a drug treatment for a rather disabling mental disorder that I suffer from, but he has never judged me. On the contrary, he encouraged me not to give up, to go on with what was there for me at that moment, because the important thing is not how many times you fall but how you get up.
I absorbed from him, from his words, from the energy of the meditation practices done together, the urge to continue, because meditation and the other means I learned can only make me "land on my feet", they are a help to face my suffering. There have been times when I didn't want to do my practices, but it is a matter of training just like it is for training the body.



In our last lesson, I told Tommaso that for me from that moment it would be the beginning of my work thanks to everything I had learned. I know it's not always easy, but now I have arrows in my bow, concrete practices that allow me to come back home, to find stability even when external circumstances and the obsessive thoughts in my mind put a strain on me. Now I have the resources to get up and make a difference.

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There are many techniques which say they will take you to infinity and to pure essence. 

The authentic ones are easy to recognize because peace and silence take over and the mind becomes quiet and silent and loses power in front of the infinite space of peace.

Thank you



Entrepreneur and father of 2

I met Tommaso some time ago and we kept in touch.... until I found myself facing a difficult moment in my life and luckily I knew who to contact!

Tommaso, with his meditation course, opened my eyes to a different vision of life, I understood how many energies I was wasting in unnecessary emotions and how to concentrate on the present.

A person who is always available, a precious friend who is able to help you find the answer you are looking for!


I believe that anyone should try the meditation course with Tommaso, an important tool that is still underestimated by the majority, a journey made of obstacles and victories that each of us should explore in order to understand ourselves!




The whole world should know these methods, I'm sure many things would be different!

In my case not only I found the peace and serenity I had been looking for long time, but I note with great pleasure that I have more energy and concentration in my study.

The fact that I can do it anywhere and whenever I want (always following the advices that Tommaso emphasizes and reminds many times dutifully) is priceless, it's like having the charger for peace always with you!

I'm very curious to find out what else this new practice has in store!

A truly unexpected gift, thank you so much!

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Dentist Doctor

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted so much to find a feeling of peace ... and the Universe made sure that she found the answer through meditation.

I met Tommaso thanks to a dear friend of mine and I began this magnificent journey, for me a real "experience" that is giving me greater awareness of myself and just as much tranquility both in personal and professional life.

Since I started, I meditate 2 times a day ... and I can't wait to do it both in the morning and in the evening!!!

Thank you Tommaso

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