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If you are here right now it is very likely that you are dissatisfied, confused or looking for who you really are,

but above all you are looking for a concrete way to solve your situation.

However, contrary to what New Age spirituality wants you to believe,
I tell you right away that I don't offer quick fixes because the reality is  there is no magic wand.

It's about making a journey that requires Will, Humility, Perseverance,

the same qualities that an athlete needs if he wants to win the Olympics.

This implies questioning yourself totally!

It is not a question of training for tens of hours a day, of course, but as a matter of fact there are only few people

who are willing to get on the road seriously, despite each of us seeks and desperately wants

Peace, Balance, Harmony, Bliss.

Whatever is the path you come from, it hasn't allowed you to take that extra step you're looking for.

This is because every path that does not give direct experience of our own true divine nature, has a huge limit.

My approach is holistic, but extremely practical.

I'm not here to provide you with another course to add to your repertoire, to make you feel better, special, smarter, but a concrete way to experience Peace, Balance, Serenity or even Bliss, actual Ecstasy.

The results of those who are committed are in fact amazing as you can see also from the many testimonials.

I offer a lot of free content, but if you are looking only for something easy and free then you are not looking for a real Transformation, but yet another source of distraction and entertainment.

So if you want quick fixes, which do not require commitment, time, dedication, I already tell you that I cannot help you.

In this case you can join all the other courses, video courses, seminars that you will easily find out there.

If, on the other hand, you are open to a new Knowledge and want to sense what the Evolution of your life and mostly of your being is, then you can experience first-hand the Bliss, the divine ecstasy of which all authentic spiritual traditions have been talking for thousands of years.

If you are seriously interested in obtaining tangible results, request a Free 30-minute Strategic Session in which:


  • I will be able to understand in detail your current situation

  • we will discuss what are the results you want to achieve

  • I will tell you what is blocking you from achieving what you want

  • we will see if my support can be the bridge to get you where you desire


If we decide to work together I will explain you how it works and the details for the most effective strategy in order to achieve the desired change.

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The basic path “Find your Inner Balance” is made of 3 main pillars, and it is structured in 5 weeks:




If you don't know that, it does not make sense to do any kind of work. It would be like driving blindfolded.

So we will start here first of all, in order to have a broader perspective of yourself and your life.

By doing so you can make choices that are guided by the most important thing, that is peace and happiness for you and your loved ones, not by automatisms. And above all, you can free yourself from all those thoughts and feelings that do not allow you to enjoy the fullness of every moment, the fullness of your being.




If you want to make a real, concrete change, you don't need some book, session or course to add to your collection in order to feel better for a while, but a real System to transform your whole being mind-body-spirit and access your inner peace, even becoming a generator of good energy!


That's why many of my students report their children, friends, colleagues, parents seem to have changed, they have become more serene, more open, almost as if they were the ones who had done the work. This is one of the many positive side effects that can happen when you have the right tools to change yourself! Tools that will be with you forever!



We are not trying to escape from life or the world because wherever you go, you cannot escape from yourself.

Rather it is a matter of calming the mind quickly and effectively to make your way through what is hiding the inexhaustible source of Energy, Creativity, Wisdom, Ecstasy we are made of, so that you can face life's challenges more easily and bring your contribution to the world with great energy and stability.


This will change completely how you experience yourself and what surrounds you: everything will seem fuller and at the same time lighter!

Ancora Pilastri Percorso

With these 3 pillars you can change your inner state and thus go from a state of dissatisfaction or confusion

to living a life full of Peace and Happiness like all the people who have worked with me.

Why does it work?

1. It is simple and practical: it is not about filling yourself, but rather emptying yourself of what is not needed

2. You are autonomous, you can always apply what you learn without depending on anything or anyone

3. It is based on knowledge that for millennia has helped human beings to concretely discover what

Peace, Balance, Bliss truly are


As you can see also from the testimonials, many others have tried it

and now experience the results firsthand!

And you, are you ready?

If you want to make a change in order to move from theory to practice and create a life of Balance and Harmony or if after all the courses, books, techniques you have tried, you still do not feel

the Peace and Bliss you were looking for, then are you ready for this kind of work.


The Strategic Session is free and lasts 30 minutes more or less.

Sessions are held via Skype or similars. Please make sure your audio and video are set correctly before the beginning of our session.

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